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Helveta was founded in 2004 with corporate headquarters near Oxford in the UK.

The company has a variety of product deployments in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Helveta technology has won a number of awards for innovation and environmental achievement.Click to enlarge image

Elements is a traceability software platform that allows you to prove where your products came from and how they have been sourced. With Elements simple to use technology, you can identify the origin of your product; how and where it has been transformed from raw materials to finished goods and who has owned, processed and transported the assets that formed the finished goods.

Using Elements you can manage your supply chain to satisfy the compliance needs and the legal requirements of your industry. Elements monitoring capability can help control and improve production processes across your supply chain.

Digital Passport™ demo

Overview of how the Digital Passport™ can protect your business.

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Why elements

Put legitimacy and integrity back into your supply chain. Elements provides you with the data capture tools to help you take a look at your supply chain in a way you have never seen before.

  • Capture data offline with our mobile apps
  • Create a Digital Passport for your auditors
  • Store your sustainablility data in the cloud
  • Meet your legality requirements
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