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Investors in Helveta

ALBION Ventures:

"We are excited to support this market-leading technology and excellent management team. There is a clear and increasing need for improved traceability in the timber industry, and Helveta's Elements has the potential to become the de facto global standard in this sector. The Company has made encouraging progress since we last invested in 2008, winning a number of highly significant contracts and playing a strategic role in helping countries comply with the requirements of the EU’s Forestry Law Enforcement, Government and Trade (FLEGT) process. As the only commercially deployed, electronic traceability system in the timber sector, Helveta is uniquely placed to become the industry standard."

Ed Lascelles, Partner at Albion Ventures


"Helveta is uniquely placed to provide technology solutions for chain-of-custody tracking and certification of natural resources, in particular in the timber and food sectors, a space that is destined to experience significant growth as a result of powerful regulatory and economic drivers. Led by an experienced management team, it is building an invaluable platform in emerging economies across Asia, Africa and South America.”

Laurent Vermer, Investment Director at BeCaptial

Oxford Capital Partners

“As a company that is enjoying global success, we are proud to continue supporting Helveta as it builds on five years of solid achievements to become a global leader in the timber tracking sector. The tougher legislative environment, coupled with the growing ambition of timber producing countries for recovering lost revenues and for enhancing social responsibility, makes us confident that Helveta is well placed to become a prominent ambassador for the sustainable management of forests. Think of it as the ‘FAIRTRADE’ Mark for the global timber industry."

David Mott, Managing Partner at Oxford Capital Partners


"Quadia is delighted to provide support to Helveta and its management team.  In a world dominated by large global players there is an increased need for traceability in multiple sectors.  Helveta's award winning software is driving sustainability and providing operational efficiencies to diverse sectors including the agricultural sector, the biofuels industry, the timber sector and the mining industry.  Helveta will set the standard for traceability globally"

Kostis A. Tselenis, Head of Investments at Quadia

Succes Europe

"Succés Europe is delighted to be making its first investment in Helveta, and we have been struck by the company’s unique opportunity for growth within the current climate. The Company has strong management and a solid pipeline of opportunities and we look forward to working with the board and our co-investors to build on the Helveta success story"

Mario Anid, Director and Investment Committee President at Succés Europe

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