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Elements tracks your supply chain the smart way

Elements is an online traceability platform that allows you to capture data along the supply chain and create a digital chain of custody record for your assets in the form of a Digital Passport. The software has been developed using modules that can be used individually or all together depending upon your requirements. Click on the functionality hubs to find out more.

Digital Passport

A digital record of the assets chain of custody history

Identity Preservation

Traceability before and after transformation

Mass Balance

Traceability when your assets are mixed or transformed

Data Capture

Data capture tools for any environment

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting and analysis on supply chain data

Digital Passport™ demo

Overview of how the Digital Passport™ can protect your business.

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Why elements

Put legitimacy and integrity back into your supply chain. Elements provides you with the data capture tools to help you take a look at your supply chain in a way you have never seen before.

  • Capture data offline with our mobile apps
  • Create a Digital Passport for your auditors
  • Store your sustainablility data in the cloud
  • Meet your legality requirements
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