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Natural Commodities Supply Information System

The functionality in Elements software is applicable to any sector where an asset needs to be tracked between two points. The following sectors are where legislation exists that require importers to prove the point of origin data and the chain of custody. Click on each of the sectors to learn our more how Elements is used.


Helping importers meet EU TR requirements


Helping traders meet RED requirements

Mining & Minerals

Conflict minerals traceability and pending EU legislation


eGrain passport to exchange vital information

Digital Passportâ„¢ demo

Overview of how the Digital Passportâ„¢ can protect your business.

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Why elements

Put legitimacy and integrity back into your supply chain. Elements provides you with the data capture tools to help you take a look at your supply chain in a way you have never seen before.

  • Capture data offline with our mobile apps
  • Create a Digital Passport for your auditors
  • Store your sustainablility data in the cloud
  • Meet your legality requirements
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